Ok Let's Say I Have a Daughter

She is perfect she is you
I have not had the strength
To view and authorize my possibilities
Into something probable
An now it's too late to go back

She has an inkling she does not want to betray her mother
By being an identical non-gen twin
She has capacity she has my eyes she has flute fingers
She has mathematics that come in out of the rain
She has the impetus to give up everything

She knows she is forever
She knows she is forever loved
She feels from distances the best informal love
She is a blue blond in her sleep
She has the blood of immigrants who try to hard

She owns both tact and intact powers of observation
She owns conceptual rapport
She owns motions she renews her keep
She loves someone so why not everyone
She has a bit of matter in her eye

She is another possibility
She is a noun
She is a burst of sunshine that won't shut down
She orders Indiana duckling when she dines at the LaSalle Grill
She has the eye of a convention center

She has important linguist premonitions
She has a psychic ribcage
She never knew my parents
She never knew the farm
She never went to Brookline

I am meeting her this morning for the first time


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