Three-Seventeen Oh Nine

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Enormous practice turquoise plaque treat proof of posse

Veiling tacit muse thicker than blood

Looms lamb lines (fluffist) compass to the west

Champs as though pertaining

Pre-cast to denote divine as meme to renegotiate

Reprehensile lapdog enhancement noble luce

Hypocrisy dormant styled should have come crossly here

Cameo application trauma floater routing miscommunicado

"Nawlins" crockery plot listserv

Do you (think) (believe) (make happen) stance

Do you window the arpeggio home in on feeder cities

While misschedule hastens precious offspring cindered

Precious little (cor)sage (bl)end mid-west leaning

Not steep stippling lingering resuss-

Curved twill north window like a cusp

To wit a keepsake if/then lore

Patched places


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